Give A Hand Charity Canada, Inc.

“We Rise by Lifting Others”

Education is the one tool for Liberia’s transformation.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide quality learning and food resources to 50 schools in Liberia by 2030.

Our vision is to ensure that every child in Liberia has access to quality education and a meal to keep him or her active and learning.


We are committed to serving humanity and providing help to the people in need.


We deliver on our vision and mission with no discrimination.


Humbleness is at the centre of how we deliver our service to those who need it.

First, Let’s Partner

We are open to partnering with Individuals, Non-profit Entities, NGOs, Businesses, and Start-ups.

​We welcome funding support in the form of Grants, Private donors, Donor partners, Fundraisers, Public donations, Government funding, and Opportunities sponsors.

Now, Let’s Work To Change

Our School Enrichment Program is a full-stack approach to provide schools and students alike with both learning and a food resource.

​It includes a school meal program, food rations to take home, and a learning resource centre to allow access to text books and computer literacy.